All the curiosities and the information to know for those who would like to live in Barcelona or get to know it in an enjoyable way: discover the articles below!

Meeting new people in Barcelona

Barcelona is the perfect city in which to meet new people because it is a bubbly and lively city that's full of tourists and different things to do.  It's also perfect for groups of friends who are holidaying together, for the single adventurous traveler or for families who are treating themselves to a week's holiday together....

Working as an au pair or baby sitter

Living in Barcelona is a dream come true for lots of young people who are looking to experience life abroad in a city that has plenty to offer and is geared towards the needs of young people.

Working in Barcelona

Have you visited Barcelona and then wondered about actually living in this amazing city? Don't miss out on our advice..

The cost of living in Barcelona

For those who are considering whether to settle in Barcelona, one of the most common concerns refers to the cost of living in Barcelona: "Will I be able to live comfortably in this city?" people will ask themselves.

Spanish in Barcelona

Barcelona is not only a wonderful city in Spain, it is also the capital of Catalonia, a prosperous region that has been fighting for independence from Madrid since it lost it in 1714.

Become a tourist guide in Barcelona

If you have visited Barcelona at least once in your life, we are sure you will want to come back or even move there...

The Far-East in Barcelona

Finding the Far East in Barcelona is easy and very exciting for all those who love getting to know different cultures...

The Cannabis Festival

Barcelona is a city without any limits of creativity, thought and initiative: the proof of this is Spannabis, the world's largest cannabis festival...

WiFi and recharging in Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona as a tourist is really fantastic: the city is wonderful in many ways and is tailor-made for people.

Learn languages for free in Barcelona

Barcelona is not only a city of incomparable architectural beauty, but also a multicultural and cosmopolitan centre, where you can speak several languages...

Catalan Independence and la DIADA

When travelling, it is important to know the history of the place you are visiting. This knowledge enables a better adaptation to the local lifestyle and a useful understanding of the inhabitants' customs.

The Weather

When you travel to a new city for the first time, you are often unsure about what to pack.  Barcelona is one of most popular tourist destinations and quite frequently, having experienced a few days in the city once, you will probably want to come back.....

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